Bernese – private course


In this Swiss German course, you specifically learn the Bernese dialect.
This will facilitate your contact and integration in the canton of Bern and even in the other Swiss German cantons.


The higher your command of standard German, the faster you will understand Bernese spoken and written.

The course book exists in Bernese-German, Bernese-French and even Bernese-English versions. So even with a standard German level of A2 (cycle) you can start learning Bernese!


This course is a preparation for all those who have or will have to do with the Bernese dialect, in the private or professional field.

Evaluation and title

An evaluation test will be carried out regularly, in order to optimize the learning of the Bernese dialect. The course will award you an  attendance certificate.


In order to speak Swiss German, you need to choose a dialect. This course follows a Bernese language learning book, in which the four main skills will be trained, i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing.

  • accept that the integration of the dialect into your oral and written communication with Swiss Germans will be gradual
  • recognize similarities and detect differences between dialect and standard German in grammar and vocabulary
  • develop strategies to better understand the dialect
  • translate from Bernese into standard German and vice-versa orally and in writing for simple messages such as email, WhatsApp, SMS and learn how to reply to them
  • repeat and read the dialect aloud to perfect your pronunciation

In addition, understanding Bernese will help you understand better most other Swiss-German dialects. It will also provide a solid foundation if you wish to learn any of them.



During the 15 chapters of the book “Bärndütsch, Ein Lehr- und Lernbuch”, dealing with everyday topics, you will become familiar with this dialect, its expressions, its culture and its sense of humor.
A special place may be given to songs. The transcription, as well as the German translation, will be given to you each time.

This will accelerate understanding, first inductively, then socio-constructively and finally systematically.


Inductive, systematic, socio-constructive and learning from peers, in the case of a group lesson.


The course book is the exercise book “Bärndütsch, ein Lehr- und Lernbuch” with internet links for oral comprehension.
Work with the most common media (internet, WhatsApp, YouTube, CDs, etc.)

Cours de compréhension de suisse-allemand, bernois, allemand et walk and talk Genève
Cours de compréhension de suisse-allemand, bernois, allemand et walk and talk Genève
Cours de compréhension de suisse-allemand, bernois, allemand et walk and talk Genève

Understanding of Swiss-German

Aimed at facilitating contact with Swiss Germans, their language and their culture, this training course is based on the four main Swiss-German dialects (Basel, Bern, St. Gall, Zurich).


Learn, revise, prepare for an exam, refresh or simply practice, this course will provide you with everything you need!

“Walk and talk”

I offer German or Swiss-German conversation sessions, while walking around the marvelous area of the “Parc de la Grange”, the “Parc des Eaux-Vives” and the beautiful shores of Lake Geneva.