Who I am?

Franziska Pugin-Maurer

Franziska pugin-maurer cours de compréhension de suisse allemand, bernois, allemand et walk and talk

 Fascinated by and passionate about languages, I left Thun, my hometown, to perfect foreign languages.

In Geneva, I met my husband with whom I had two – now adult – daughters. It is with great pleasure that I devoted myself to this family life.

Franziska Pugin-Maurer

Born in Thun (BE)

Certified trainer (BFFA)

After this time devoted to our daughters, I was once again gripped by language fever. So I took advanced German courses at Ifage, where I met the head of the German department. My devotion for studies as well as my team spirit led her to offer me a job as a teacher at their premises.

Since 2010, I have been teaching German with passion and kindness. Subsequently, I started to teach the comprehension of Swiss-German (from Bern, Basel, St. Gall and Zurich) and for the past two years I have also been teaching the Bernese dialect (oral and written comprehension, as well as speaking and even writing).

Today, I have created this site with the aim to share my passion for languages with a wide number of individuals who are eager to learn.

Personally, I love to learn by communicating. I would therefore like, through these sessions, to develop the concept of “walk and talk” to teach in a new way and combine business with pleasure.

Short biography

Born in Thun (BE)

1975 – 1987
Compulsory schooling and apprenticeship as a commercial employee with a real estate agency (purchasing, sales and management) in Thun

Three months of language school in Cambridge “First Certificate in English” (B1)

Various temporary jobs in Bern and Thun

Six months of language school in Cambridge “Certificate of Proficiency in English” (C2)

1989 – 1996
Stock exchange assistant
Bank employee in Geneva for six years

1990 – 1992
French evening classes “Alliance Française, Higher Diploma in Modern French Studies, literature option”

Italian evening course, then three months of language school in Florence

1997 – 2010
Stay-at-home mom

2007 – 2010
German evening course “Grosse Deutsches Sprachdiplom” (C2) then German literature course

2010 – present

Part-time German lessons at Ifage including evening classes, intensive courses, business German, corporate courses, Swiss German and Bernese dialect courses

Examiner for the Goethe Institute A1-B2

2012 – 2017
Federal Adult Training Certificate (BFFA)